Quarter 1

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  • Using various strategies, solve addition word problems within 10 (1.OA.1) 
  • Add numbers with sums to 20 (Basic addition facts) (1.OA.5) 
  • Recite numbers to 25 (1.NBT.1) 
  • Represent numbers to 25 (1.NBT.1) 
  • Identify numbers 0-25
  • Write numbers 0-25 (1.NBT.1) 
  • Compare and order numbers to 25 (1.NBT.3) Ex: Given two numbers student identifies which one is smaller/larger.
  • Order numbers 0-25 (1.NBT.3) Ex: Given 3 or more numbers students correctly sequence.
  • Commutative (3+5=8 is known 5+3=8) (1.OA.3) 
  • Demonstrate fluency with addition within 10 {Comment/Assess} (1.OA.6) 
  • Determine if equations involving addition within 10 are true or false (1.OA.7) 
  • Compose numbers 11-19; understand digits in a two-digit number are composed of a ten and one, etc. (1.NBT.2) 
  • Identify penny, nickel, dime, quarter. (District Goal) 
  • Collect, organize, analyze and interpret data (1.MD.4)