Quarter 4

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  • Recite numbers to 120 starting at any number less than 120 (1.NBT.1)
  • Identify numbers to 120 (1.NBT.1)
  • Write numbers to 120 (1.NBT.1) 
  • Collect data with up to three categories (1.MD.4) 
  • Organize data with up to three categories (1.MD.4) 
  • Analyze data with up to three categories (1.MD.4) 
  • Interpret data data with up to three categories (1.MD.4) 
  • Tell and write time to the hour and half-hour (1.MD.3)
  • Understand subtraction as an unknown-addend problem 0-20 (1.OA.4) 
  • Order three objects by length and compare the lengths of two objects (1.MD.1) 
  • Measure length by laying multiple copies of a shorter object end to end (1.MD.2) 
  • Identify and partition fractions of circles and rectangles (half, quarter) (1.G.3) 
  • Describe the whole as two of, or four of partitioned sharpes (1.G.3) 
  • Demonstrate fluency with addition and subtraction within 20 (1.OA.6) 
  • Determine if equations involving addition and subtraction are true or false (1.OA.7)
  • Accurately solve word problems that call for addition of three whole numbers whose sum is less than or equal to 20 (1.OA.2)
  • Use associative property of addition to solve numbers sentences with three or more addends (2+(6+4)=(2+6)+4 ) (1.OA.3)