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Art Quarters

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·       Elaborate on an imaginative idea. (Cr1.1.3)

·       Create personally satisfying artwork using a variety of artistic processes and materials. (Cr2.1.3)

·       Demonstrate an understanding of the safe and proficient use of materials, tools, and equipment for a variety

of artistic processes. (Cr2.2.3)

·       Individually or collaboratively construct representations, diagrams, or maps of places that are a part of

everyday life. (Cr2.3.3)

·       Elaborate visual information by adding details in an artwork to enhance emerging meeting. (Cr3.1.3)


·       Investigate and discuss possibilities and limitations of spaces, including electronic, for exhibiting artwork.


·       Identify exhibit space and prepare works of art including artists’ statements, for presentation. (Pr5.1.3)

·       Identify and explain how and where different cultures record and illustrate stories and history of life though art. (Pr.6.1.3)


·       Speculate about processes an artist uses to create a work of art. (Re7.1.3)

·       Determine messages communicated by an image. (Re7.2.3)

·       Interpret art by analyzing use of media to create subject matter, characteristics of form, and use of media.


·       Evaluate an artwork based on given criteria. (Re9.1.3)


·       Develop a work of art based on observations of surroundings. (Cn10.1.3)

·       Recognize that responses to art change depending on knowledge of the time and place in which it was made. (Cn11.1.3)