Quarter 1

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Physical Science
  • Supports an argument that the gravitational force exerted by Earth on objects is directed down. PS2-1 
  • Uses models to describe the energy in animals’ food (used for body repair, growth, motion, and to maintain body warmth) was once energy  from the sun. PS3-1 

Life Science
  • Supports an argument that plants get the materials they need for growth chiefly from air and water. LS1-1 
  • Develops a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment. LS2-1 

Earth & Space Science
  • Supports an argument that differences in the apparent brightness of the sun compared to other stars is due to their relative distances from  Earth. ESS1-1 
  • Represents data in graphical displays to reveal patterns of daily changes in length and direction of shadows, day, and night, and the seasonal  appearance of some stars in the night sky. ESS1-2 

  • Defines a simple design problem reflecting a need or a want that includes specified criteria for success and constraints on materials, time,  or cost. ETS1-1 
  • Generates and compare multiple possible solutions to a problem based on how well each is likely to meet the criteria and constraints of the  problem. ETS1-2 
  • Plans and carries out fair tests in which variables are controlled and failure points are considered to identify aspects of a model or prototype  that can be improved. ETS1-3