7th Grade ESL Quarter 3

Reading Literature

• RL 7.4 – Determine the meaning of words as they are used in text; include figurative & connotative meanings; analyze impact of rhymes & repetitions

• RL 7.5 / RL 7.6 – (See 1st Quarter)

Reading Informational Text

• RI 7.3 – Analyze interactions between individuals, events, ideas in a text

• RI 7.4 / RI 7.6 / RI 7.9 – (See 1st Quarter)

• RI 7.8 – Trace & evaluate argument and specific claims in text; assess soundness of reasoning and whether evidence is relevant and sufficient to support claims


• W 7.1 – Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons & relevant evidence

a. Introduce claim, acknowledge alternate claims, organize reasons / evidence logically

b. Support claim with logical reasoning & relevant evidence; use accurate, credible sources; demonstrate understanding of topic

c. Use word choices to create cohesion & clarify relationships among claims

d. Establish & maintain formal style

e. Provide concluding statement that follows from argument presented

• W 7.2 – Write informative / explanatory texts to examine a topic & convey ideas

a. Introduce a topic clearly; preview what is to follow organize ideas using text structure, formatting, & multimedia to aid in comprehension

b. Develop topic with relevant facts, definitions, details, quotations, or other information

c. Use appropriate transitions to create cohesion & clarify relationships among ideas

d. Use precise language & domain-specific vocabulary to inform or explain topic

e. Establish & maintain formal style

f. Provide concluding statement that follows from / supports information presented

• W 7.5 / W 7.6 / W 7.7 / W 7.8 / W 7.9 – (See 1st Quarter)

Speaking & Listening

• SL 7.3 – Identify speaker’s argument & specific claims; evaluate soundness of reasoning & evidence sufficiency

• SL 7.4 – Present claims & findings; emphasize salient pts in focused manner; good oral pres. skills

• SL 7.5 – Include multimedia & visual displays in presentations to clarify claims & findings


• L 7.1 – Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar/ usage when writing or speaking

c. Place phrases / clauses within a sentence, recognize & correct misplaced / dangling modifiers

• L 7.2 – Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing

a. Use comma to separate coordinate adjectives

• L 7.4 – Determine / clarify meaning of unknown or multiple-meaning words

d. Verify preliminary meaning of word / phrase by context or dictionary