9th Grade ELA Quarter 3

Throughout the year:

Writing Process and 6-Trait Writing

  • Vocabulary - half ACT/SAT prep words and half content specific

  • Weekly essay - Assigned on Monday, peer reviewed on Wednesday, due on Friday

  • 9.1-9.10 & 9.12

Quarter Three

Literature Unit: Things Fall Apart

  • African Short Stories

  • Selected African Travel Literature

Research Project: Career College Research Project

Reading Informational Text
RI 9.6 – Determine author’s pt of view or purpose in a text; analyze how author uses rhetoric
• RI 9.8 – Identify & evaluate the argument & specific claims in a text; assess if reasoning is valid &
evidence is relevant / sufficient; identify false statements & fallacious reasoning
• W 9.1 – Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts,
using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.
a. Introduce precise claim(s), distinguish the claim from alternate claim; create
organization to establish clear relationships among claims, counterclaims, reasons,
b. Develop claim and counterclaim fairly; supply evidence for each pointing out strengths
& limitations of both; anticipates audience’s knowledge and concerns.
c. Use words, phrases, clauses to link major sections of text; create cohesion; clarify
relationships between claims & counterclaims
d. Establish & maintain formal style, objective tone; attend to norms & conventions
e. Provide concluding statement or section that follows from / supports argument
• W 9.9 – Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection,
and research
a. Apply grades 9-10 reading standards to literature
b. Apply grades 9-10 reading standards to literary nonfiction
Speaking & Listening
• SL 9.3 – Evaluate a speaker’s pt of view, reasoning, and use of evidence / rhetoric; identify
fallacious reasoning, exaggerated or distorted evidence
L 9.6 – Acquire & use accurately general academic & domain-specific words / phrases sufficient
for reading, writing, speaking, & listening at the college / career-readiness level;
independence in gathering vocabulary knowledge when considering word important to

Lit Focus: Historical Fiction