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9th Grade Physical Education

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Ninth Grade Physical Education Standards

Movement Concepts

-Body and space awareness

-Speed variations

-Team sports

-Appropriate offensive/defensive skills


-Perform movement sequences

-Qualities of force and flow in skill  


Locomotor Skills







Non-Locomotor Skills

-Static and dynamic balance on various body parts

-Cooperative balance with

 partner/small group

-Pushing/pulling in relation to force and flow

-Cross-lateral movement

-Bi-lateral movement


-Vestibular movement


Manipulative Skills









Lifetime Fitness/Personal Wellness

-Identify and describe the benefits of physical activity

-Identify and demonstrate F.I.T.T. principles

-Self- guided aerobic/anaerobic activity

-Monitor heart rate during exercise

-Participate/identify warm-up,  

 conditioning, and cool-down  


-Identify components of health-

 related physical fitness

-Self-motivated conditioning program

-SMART goals

-Describe how physical activity promotes brain development and learning readiness

Personal and Social Behavior

-Understand and apply safety rules

-Invite less skilled students to participate in student-led activities

-Support teammates

-Active listening

-Follows directions

Ninth Grade Physical Education Concept Standards

Motor Skills


Demonstrates a variety of swimming strokes, self-defense techniques, and dance patterns.


Uses a variety of skills appropriately within a game situation.


Selects and uses the appropriate offensive and defensive skills in a variety of individual, dual, and team activities.


Demonstrates the ability to safely and comfortably adapt to environmental conditions in a variety of outdoor pursuits.

Learning Concepts


Develops an appropriate conditioning program for a self-selected game and activity for lifetime engagement.


 Explains appropriate tactical decisions in a game situation.

Active Participation


Willingly participates in a variety of physical activities appropriate for maintaining or enhancing a healthy and active lifestyle.


Accumulates, on most days, a recommended number of minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity outside of physical education class.


Monitors physical activity through the use of a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and/or a physical activity log, or other appropriate technology.


Understands the ways in which personal characteristics, personal styles, and activity preferences will change over a lifespan.

Physical Fitness


Maintains appropriate levels of cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition necessary for a healthy and productive life.


Develops realistic short-term and long-term personal fitness goals.


Assesses, interprets, and applies the health-related fitness components to personal physical fitness status.


Designs and implements a personal fitness program based on information obtained from the fitness assessment and in accordance with appropriate training principles.


Participates in a variety of physical activities appropriate for enhancing physical fitness.


Plans a summer personal conditioning program.


Explains the impact of participation in selected sports and activities on various components of fitness.

Personal and Social Behavior


Participates successfully in a cooperative learning group in a variety of physical activity settings.


Invites less skilled students to participate in physical activity.


Encourages others to apply appropriate etiquette in all physical activity settings.


Provides appropriate support for a teammate in a team activity.

Activity Appreciation


Displays persistence in learning new physical activities.


Differentiates between intrinsic and extrinsic reasons for participating in physical activity.


Integrates physical activity meaningfully into daily life.


Reflects on reasons for choosing to participate in selected physical activities.