Spanish 2 Quarter 1

  • Cultures: México, Perú, República Dominicana

  • Review of nouns, adjectives, GUSTAR, chores, making plans, going places

  • Jobs, clarifications, parts of speech, Countries and Capitals, days, months

  • Present Progressive, houses, complaining

  • Command Forms with Direct Object and Reflexive pronouns

  • TENER IDIOMS, verbs with infinitives

  • ANDAR, VENIR, TENER, VER (Irregular preterite forms)

  • PRETERITE of several regular and irregular verbs

  • DAR, DECIR, SABER, CONOCER, SER, ESTAR, HACER, IR (Irregular preterite forms)

  • Verbs that end in -car, -gar, -zar