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Civics Quarter 2

Unit 2: Civic Responsibility


1.     The students will describe how thoughtful and effective participation in civic life is characterized by obeying the law, paying taxes, serving on a jury, participating in the political process, preforming public service, registering for military duty, being informed about current issues and respecting different opinions.

2.     The student will demonstrate knowledge of local, state, and national elections.


Essential Questions:

1.     What is required of leaders?

2.     How can governments ensure citizens are treated fairly?

3.     How do citizens, both individually and collectively, influence government policy?

4.     What are the rights and responsibilities of citizens?

Content (Major Concepts, Figures, and Events)

Suggested Activities


Assessment Strategies

·       Political Parties

·       Local Representatives

·       National Representatives

·       Election Process

·       Comparing Funding and Spending

·       Media Coverage

·       Political Cartoon Analysis

·       Public Opinion Polls

·       Taxes

·       Jury Duty

·       Registering to Vote

·       Create & host a Political Convention

·       Produce a Political Commercial

·       Create and display Political Party Symbols

·       Write a political biography about you as a candidate.

·       Write and present political speeches/ debates

·       Compare and contrast real Presidential speeches with speeches given by students

·       Create and analyze Political Cartoons.

·       Analysis and creation of newspaper articles

·       Socratic Seminar

·       Primary Resources

·       Newspaper Articles

·       Current Events Journals

·       News 360

·       Civics Textbook (Chapter 8-10)

·       Document Based Questions

·       Short Essay’s

·       Public Speeches

·       Presentations

·       Socratic Seminars

·       Journal Entries