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Kindergarten Art Quarters

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·       Engage in exploration and imaginative play with materials.(Cr1.1.K)

·       Engage collaboratively in creative art making in response to an artistic problem.(Cr1.2.K)

·       Through experimentation, build skills in various media and approaches to art making.(Cr2.1.K)

·       Identify safe and non-toxic art materials, tools, and equipment.(Cr2.2.K)

·       Create art that represents natural and constructed environments.(Cr2.3.K)

·       Explain the process of making art while creating.(Cr3.1.K)


·       Select art objects for personal portfolio and display, explaining why they were chosen.(Pr4.1.K)

·       Explain the purpose of a portfolio or collection.(Pr5.1.K)

·       Explain what an art museum is and distinguish how an art museum is different from other buildings.(Pr.6.1.K)


·       Identify uses of art within one’s personal environment.(Re7.1.K)

·       Describe what an image represents.(Re7.2.K)

·       Interpret art by identifying subject matter and describing relevant details.(Re8.1.K)

·       Explain reasons for selecting a preferred artwork.(Re9.1.K)


·       Create art that tells a story about a life experience.(Cn10.1.K)

·       Identify a purpose of an artwork.(Cn11.1.K)