Kindergarten Music Quarters 1-4

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Musical SkillsSinging

  • Playing
  • Performing
  • Moving
  • Creating
  • Listening
  • Improvising
  • Evaluating


Musical Tools

  • Non-pitched Percussion Instruments
  • Technology
  • Movement Manipulatives
  • Literature



Music Concepts

  • Beat
  • Voice
  • Rhythm
  • Pitch
  • Melody
  • Meter
  • Instrument Families
  • Dynamics
  • Tempo
  • Duration
  • Musical Theater

Music History

  • Composers
  • Musical Compositions

Performance Standards:


  • With guidance, explore and experience music concepts (such as beat and melodic contour). (Cr.1.K.a)
  • With guidance, generate musical ideas (such as movements or motives). (Cr.1.K.b)
  • With guidance, demonstrate and choose favorite musical ideas. (Cr.2.K.a)
  • With guidance, organize personal musical ideas using iconic notation and/or recording technology. (Cr.2.K.b)
  • With guidance, apply personal, peer, and teacher feedback in refining personal musical ideas. (Cr.3.K)
  • With guidance, demonstrate a final version of personal musical ideas to peers. (Cr.4.K)



  • With guidance, demonstrate and state personal interest in varied musical selections. (Pr.1.K)
  • With guidance, explore and demonstrate awareness of music contrasts (such as high/low, loud/soft, same/different) in a variety of  music selected for performance. (Pr.2.K)
  • With guidance, demonstrate awareness of expressive qualities (such as voice quality, dynamics, and tempo) that support the creators’ expressive intent. (Pr.3.K)
  • With guidance, apply personal, teacher, and peer feedback to refine performances. (Pr.4.K.a)
  • ·With guidance, use suggested strategies in rehearsal to improve the expressive qualities of music. (Pr.4.2.K.b)
  • With guidance, perform music with expression. (Pr.5.K.a)
  • Perform appropriately for the audience. (Pr.5.K.b)


  • With guidance, list personal interests and experiences and demonstrate why they prefer some music selections over others. (Re.1.K)
  • With guidance, demonstrate how a specific music concept (such as beat or melodic direction) is used in music. (Re.2.K)
  • With guidance, demonstrate awareness of expressive qualities (such as dynamics and tempo) that reflect creators'/performers' expressive intent. (Re.3.K)
  • With guidance, apply personal and expressive preferences in the evaluation of music. (Re.4.K)

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